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The Housing Grant for Older People is a government initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to elderly individuals to improve their housing conditions and enhance their quality of life. This grant program recognises the unique challenges faced by older people and aims to support them in maintaining safe, comfortable, and age-friendly living environments.

What type of work can the grant be used for?

The Housing Grant for Older People grant is for essential repairs to make it possible for an older person to continue living in their home.

Essential repairs can include:

  • Repairing or replacing the roof
  • Upgrading electrical wiring
  • Repairing or replacing the windows and doors
  • Providing central heating

The final decision on what is covered is decided by your local authority so it’s best to contact them in advance of getting any quotes for work.

How to qualify for the grant?

This grant is means-tested and is to be used for essential work to privately-owned homes where the older person either:

  • Owns the home, or
  • Has a right to live in the home where the work will be done

Your total gross household income is assessed to find out if you qualify for the grant and what level of assistance you can get.

Household income is the gross annual income earned by:

  • All adults living in the home aged over 23.
  • The registered property owner and their spouse.

How much is the grant?

The grant covers some of the cost of work needed, but not all of it. The amount of the grant you get depends on household income for the previous tax year. The maximum grant available is €8,000 or 95% of the cost of the work approved by your local authority.

This maximum grant of 95% is available to people with annual household incomes of less than €30,000. The following table shows the current rates.

Note: A grant is not available if the household income is more than €60,000, after the disregards and deductions are applied.

If you and the people in your household earn €60,000 or less, after the disregards and deductions are applied, you can read the table below for information on how much of a grant you can get.

Yearly household incomePercentage of costsMaximum grant for homes built more than 12 months agoMaximum grant for homes built within the last 12 months
Up to €30,00095%€30,000€14,500
€30,001 – €35,00085%€25,500€12,325
€35,001 – €40,00075%€22,500€10,875
€40,001 – €50,00050%€15,000€7,250
€50,001 – €60,00030%€9,000€4,350
Over €60,000No grant payableNo grant payableNo grant payable

What the grant does not cover

It does not cover the VAT cost of the work. You can reclaim (get back) the VAT from Revenue after you have paid for the work (see www.revenue.ie for more information).

How do I apply?

To apply for the Housing Grant for Older People, individuals typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Application Submission: Applicants must complete the designated application form, providing personal information, details about their housing situation, and the specific needs or improvements they require.
  2. Documentation: Supporting documents, such as proof of age, income verification, and evidence of homeownership, may be required to validate eligibility. These documents are typically submitted along with the application.
  3. Quotes: A quote from a builder with a current Tax Clearance Certificate must be submitted with your application.
  4. Assessment and Approval: The application and supporting documents are reviewed by the relevant authorities responsible for administering the grant program. They assess the eligibility and the specific housing needs of the applicant to determine whether the grant can be awarded.
  5. Grant Payment: If approved, the grant amount is paid to the eligible applicant only. The funds can then be used for the approved housing improvements or repairs as specified in the grant program guidelines.

It is recommended that you consult the relevant local authority in your area for accurate and up-to-date information on the application process and grant availability.

Application Form

You can download the application form from gov.ie or from your local authority’s website

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