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The Housing Grant for People with a Disability is a financial assistance program aimed at supporting individuals with disabilities in accessing safe, accessible, and suitable housing. The grant is designed to help individuals make necessary modifications or adaptations to their homes that meet their unique needs. Paul O’Connor Property Maintenance specialise in designing and installing adapted bathrooms. Located in Naas, Co. Kildare we also service Carlow, Wicklow, Wexford and South Dublin. Get in touch today for a no obligation quote.


The grant is available to people with a gross household income of up to €60,000 a year.

Your local authority will assess your total household to find out:

  • If you qualify for the grant
  • The level of funding you will get

However, common eligibility requirements include:

  1. Disability Documentation: Applicants typically need to provide documentation or proof of their disability, such as a medical certificate or assessment from a qualified healthcare professional.
  2. Housing Need: The grant is often targeted towards individuals with specific housing needs resulting from their disability. This can include physical accessibility requirements, the need for specialised equipment or assistive devices, or modifications to ensure safety and independence within the home.

What work can I get done

This grant can be used for installing accessible showers,  wheelchair ramps, widening doorways, adding grab bars, modifying bathrooms, or creating accessible entrances for wheelchair lifts and stairlifts.

  1. Extending your home to create more space, for example, adding a downstairs bedroom
  2. Adding accessible bathroom facilities, such as an accessible shower or a ground-floor bathroom or toilet
  3. Installing a stair lift
  4. Installing grab rails

How to qualify for the grant?

This grant is means-tested and is to be used for essential work to privately-owned homes where the older person either:

  • Owns the home, or
  • Has a right to live in the home where the work will be done

Your total gross household income is assessed to find out if you qualify for the grant and what level of assistance you can get. Household income is the gross annual income earned by:

  • All adults living in the home aged over 23.
  •  The registered property owner and their spouse. How much is the grant?

How much is the grant?

The maximum amount you can receive for the grant is €30,000 or 95% of the project’s cost, whichever is smaller. The amount you receive is determined by your household’s income during the prior tax year.

You may get 95% of the cost of the works up to the maximum grant amount of €30,000 if your household income is less than €30,000. Please note that the grant amount cannot exceed €14,500 if your home is less than a year old.

The percentage of costs covered by the grant that decreases from 95% to 30% as household income rises. As a result, if your household income is between €50,001 and €60,000, you are eligible for a 30% discount on the charges.

Application Process: The application process for the Housing Grant for People with a Disability is done through your local county council. typically involves the following steps:

  1. Application Submission: Applicants must complete the designated application form, providing personal information, details about their disability, and the specific housing needs or modifications required.
  2. Documentation: Supporting documentation, such as medical reports, disability assessments, proof of income, and other relevant documents, may be required to support the application and validate eligibility.
  3. Assessment and Approval: The application is reviewed by the relevant authorities responsible for administering the grant program. They assess the eligibility, specific housing needs, and the feasibility of the requested modifications or adaptations. A home assessment may be conducted to evaluate the scope of work required.
  4. Grant Payment: If approved, the grant amount is paid to the eligible applicant. The funds can then be used to cover the approved housing modifications, assistive devices, or relocation expenses as specified in the grant program guidelines.

It is recommended that you consult the relevant local authority in your area for accurate and up-to-date information on the application process and grant availability.

Application Form

You can download the application form from gov.ie or from your local authority’s website.

More Information

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